equipment manufacturing


July 08, 2013download

Booz Study on Equipment Manufacturing Policy

Mar 15, 2012download

Booz Study Letter to DoT

Mar 15, 2012download

Letter to DoT on Booz Study (Annexure - 1 )

Apr 25, 2012download

The Gazette of India : Extraordinary

Oct 02, 2012download

DoT draft notification on Policy for preference to domestically manufactured telecom products in procurement

Oct 11, 2012download

Comments on draft notification by DoT (Annexure 1)

Oct 07, 2012download

DoT’s Notification on Telecom Equipment

Oct 05, 2012download

COAI Letter to DoT

Jun 12, 2012download

PMA Draft Govt. Procurement Guidelines

Apr 03, 2013download

PMA Draft Security Guidelines

Jan 01, 1970download

Guideline for Production Linked Incentive scheme(PLI) for promoting telecom & networking products manufacturing in INDIA

Jun 03, 2021download

Final Report on Telecom Equipment Manufacturing (TEMC): Investments Required

Nov 13, 2013download

Feedback on List of Items for Goverment Procurement

Nov 7, 2013download

Roundtable Conference on Preferential Market Access (PMA)

Nov 15, 2013download

Inputs on Draft List of Security Sensitive Telecom Products for Preferential Market Access(PMA)

Jan 24, 2013download

DoT Guidelines on Preference to Domestically Manufactured Telecom Equipment in Procurement

Jul 12, 2013download

Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order 2017- Notification of Telecom Goods, Services or Works - regarding.

Aug 31, 2021download

Guidelines for Production linked incentive schemes (PLI) for promoting telecom and networking product manufacturing in INDIA

June 3, 2021 download