Many people have fallen prey to the #MobileTowerFrauds in order to obtain monthly rental income. Make sure you or your loved ones don't.
Educate yourself and your peers.
Please report such practices to the local police or the ...
#COAI thanks @LsaOdisha for organizing the State Broadband Committee meeting under the Chairmanship of @SecyChief. The meeting was helpful for issuing directions for the speedy roll-out of Digital Telecom Infrastructure across the State making Odisha Digitally advanced".
Yet again we have #MrTelebot to share #telecom jargons that you should know. Next time your services are switched from one company to another, you know it’s called Slamming.
Clarifying the misconceptions around EMF radiations, Dr. Vivek Tandon, Associate Professor @aiims_newdelhi said, "Misinformation or lack of information tends to create a psychological effect on people making them believe these myths which as per scientific studies is untrue.
Communicating in the local languages, Sh. Suman Pradhan mentioned, "@WHO has been in collaboration with ICNIRP to research the adverse effects & they've shared that there are no health effects of non-ionizing radiation emitted from the Mobile towers".
Explaining the increasing use of mobile phones and misinformation spread across, Sh. S.K. Deka, Director (C2) @Dot_WB_LSA highlighted, "We need to address the spread of misinformation & provide an authentic view of health concerns related to mobile towers".
Inaugurating the EMF Awareness Webinar, Sri S.K. Deka, Sr. DDG, @Dot_WB_LSA explained the 2 types of radiations: ionizing & non-ionizing which are often confused as harmful, the non-ionizing emissions from mobile towers lack the energy to liberate electrons and are ...
Facing a bad network?
Try these alternatives instead of installing Illegal Boosters:
➡️ Opt for Wi-Fi calling
➡️ Keep your mobile's software updated
➡️ Avoid Metal Phone covers
➡️ Seek assistance from TSP executives

“With recent trend of reformative policy making by Govt, the draft Indian Telecommunication bill is another milestone step to develop a modern & future-ready legal framework in telecom. We are studying the Bill & will share our comments in due ...

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