#Digital Industry unanimously agreed that all companies will immediately adopt measures, including temporarily defaulting HD and ultra-HD streaming to offering only SD content, at bitrates no higher than 480p on cellular networks.These effective until April 14. #21daysLockdown
#Telecom industry is strongly aligned to Govt's mission of controlling #COVID19outbreak by providing #adequate resources, enabling work from home for technical teams working across the facilities. This is to enable undisrupted services to the customers 24X7. #coronavirusindia https://t.co/SQg9MzBeOY
"Starting 2016, the average #consumer consumed about 360 minutes of #voice & less than half GB of #data. Now, we consume on an average of 880 minutes of voice & 11GB of data per user per month", says Rajan S ...
Indian #telcos do not want customers getting charged for accessing necessary sites, including #government ones or #banking sites until restrictions to prevent #COVID2019 are lifted. @ETTelecom @DevinaET @DoT_India @airtelindia @reliancejio @VodaIdea_NEWS


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