The advent of #5G is what AI-driven #IoT has been waiting for. 2020 will see many players in the #technology industry and business community invest in building edge-computing #environments to support the reality of AI-driven IoT
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“In the current scenario, the willingness of domestic banks to lend is poor. Given that debt is difficult to raise, equity is usually seen as the preferred route," said Rajan S Mathews @NavadhaPandey @Airtel_Presence @reliancejio @VodaIdea_NEWS @rsprasad
“We’re all waiting for the spectrum auction to happen, with a reasonable price, “ said Mr. Mahipal Singh, VP Regulatory, @reliancejio @VodaIdea_NEWS @gsacom @qualcomm_in @EricssonIndia @EricssonDigital @5GIndiaForum @Facebook @ZTEPress @pankajdoval
Ending the panel discussion on ‘Implementation of WRC-2019 Outcomes’ with interesting inputs on ITU. @gsacom @qualcomm_in @EricssonAPAC @VodaIdea_NEWS @Airtel_Presence @reliancejio @5GIndiaForum @EricssonDigital
“As a futuristic approach, we need to look into defining the frequency for all the indentified bands. India can benefit from being a part of the WRC 2023 discussions” said Mr. Hakan Ohlsen, VP, Standards & Industry , APAC @EricssonAPAC ...
"Various applications and services require to access to spectrum from low, mid and high bands. We need spectrum in all the frequency ranges to enable the 5G vision. The need of the hour is 800-1000 MHz per operator" said Mr. ...
"Our vision is to connect 7 billion people globally to new and exciting services through 100 billion devices and things by 2030" Mr. Stuart Cooke, Chair, @gsacom at the panel discussion on Implementation of WRC- 2019 Outcomes @5GIndiaForum
Mr Vikram Tiwathia, DDG COAI, introducing the panellists and moderating the panel discussion on Implementation of WRC- 2019 Outcomes @5GIndiaForum @gsacom @Airtel_Presence @VodaIdea_NEWS @qualcomm_in
Mr Rajan S Mathews, DG COAI, welcoming the panellists and audience at the panel discussion on "Implementation of WRC- 2019 Outcomes" @5GIndiaForum @gsacom @Airtel_Presence @VodaIdea_NEWS
2020 will be the year when #technology grapples with some of the most significant challenges mankind faces and organizations begin to realign their #values and priorities.
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