Key Topics

Telecommunication has emerged as a key driver of economic and social development in an increasingly knowledge intensive global scenario, in which India needs to play a leadership role. National Telecom Policy-2012 is designed to ensure that India plays this role effectively and transforms the socio-economic scenario through accelerated equitable and inclusive economic growth by laying special emphasis on providing affordable and quality telecommunication services in rural and remote areas.

National Telecom Policy-2012 aims at promoting research and development (R&D), design in cutting edge ICTE technologies, products and services for meeting the infrastructure needs of domestic and global markets with focus on security and green technologies.

To promote Green Telecommunications, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had issued recommendations on ‘Approach towards Green Telecommunications’.

The Government of India has accepted the TRAI recommendations and decided to adopt measures to green the telecommunication sector setting broad directions and goals to achieve the desired reduction in carbon emission through the use of renewable energy technologies and energy efficient equipments.

Some of the key concerns noted by the industry with regards to the Department of Telecommunications’ Guidelines on the Implementation of Green Technologies for Telecom sector are listed below:

  • Telecom Industry accounts for a fraction of the carbon footprint, should not be singled out; Policy should encompass all sectors for a worthwhile result
  • Use of Diesel is a compulsion not a choice; Guidelines for Green Telecom must take into account ground realities
  • Sub-optimal spectrum allocations lead to more sites & higher diesel consumption; a spectrum policy that ensures adequate spectrum can overcome this constraint
  • Targets for deploying Renewable Energy Technologies are very stringent in the initial period; DoT may prescribe more reasonable gradation
  • Lower capacity factor of Solar will deter site sharing; proper study is required to strike the right balance for use of solar cells for powering the BTSs
  • Target for Carbon emission should be prescribed on a per unit of traffic basis to cover both voice and data
  • Baseline needs to be set as year 2012-13, Measurements should be as declared by CEA & Reporting should commence after a period of two years
  • Green Passport [GP]” by 2015, to be harmonized with international standards; DoT to facilitate meeting with TEC to begin work on “Green Passport” norms