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About IF3


The Indian Friends of 3GPP (IF3) is a collaborative activity amongst member companies having a 3GPP based business in India. It has been formed to collectively host 3GPP meetings of relevance to India, within India, and to do so in a manner that is cost effective, efficient, and which meets with the expectations of the 3GPP community. By seeking to arrange and fund meetings in accessible locations with the support of the active members of 3GPP in India, the Indian Friends of 3GPP has been created to reduce the financial and administrative burdens on individual companies, thereby enabling more organizations to contribute and ensuring a broader representation.

COAI, a Market Representation Partner (MRP) of 3GPP, hosts the secretariat of this collaboration activity. Their prime responsibility lies in assisting IF3 members pursue their purpose by administratively supporting the activity.

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Upcoming Meetings

All 3GPP Meetings will be e-meetings till further notice.

IF3 Membership

IF3 membership is open to all companies/organizations which are registered in India, participating in 3GPP meetings, and are interested in collaboratively hosting 3GPP meetings in India.

The current members of IF3 are listed in alphabetical order.

The IF3 activities also receive the support of following COAI operator members.

IF3 is a collaborative activity supported by COAI, governed by the Rules & Procedures available here.

For membership related queries, please contact the IF3 Coordinator through email at

Roster of Meetings

The table below summarizes the list of upcoming 3GPP meetings in India, and their status.

Meeting Dates Venue Status
RAN2#111 Bis 12-16 Oct, 2020 TBC Planned
RAN4#96 Bis 12-16 Oct, 2020 TBC Planned
CT1#126 12-16 Oct, 2020 TBC Planned
CT3#112 12-16 Oct, 2020 TBC Planned
CT4#100 12-16 Oct, 2020 TBC Planned
SA3#101 09-13 Nov, 2020 TBC Planned
SA4#111 09-13 Nov, 2020 TBC Planned
Past Meetings

The table below summarizes the list of past 3GPP meetings hosted by IF3 in India.

Meeting Dates Venue
SA6#35 13-17 Jan, 2020 Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel
RAN5#86 17-21 Feb, 2020 e-meeting
SA5#129 24-28 Feb, 2020 e-meeting
SA2#137 24-28 Feb, 2020 e-meeting
SA5#121 8 - 12 Oct, 2018 Kochi
RAN5#3-5G-NR Adhoc 8 - 12 Oct, 2018 Jaipur
SA4#100 15 - 19 Oct, 2018 Kochi
RAN#79 19 - 22 Mar, 2018 Chennai
CT#79 19 - 20 Mar, 2018 Chennai
SA#79 21 - 23 Mar, 2018 Chennai
RAN5#3-IoT 10 - 13 Jan, 2017 Kochi
SA4#91 24 - 28 Oct, 2016 Bangalore
RAN3#91 Bis 11 - 15 Apr, 2016 Bangalore
SA2#130 21 - 25 Jan, 2019 Kochi
SA6#28 21 - 25 Jan, 2019 Kochi
SA3#94 28 Jan – 01 Feb, 2019 Kochi
Visa Support

This section provides information on the visa support provided by COAI, for travel to the IF3 hosted meetings in India.

You may be required to obtain a visa for admittance into India. As of date, India allows citizens from most countries to apply and secure an e-Visa. This is a convenient process, and covers citizens from most countries. Please check with the Indian embassy website of your country for more information.

In case you need an invitation letter from COAI for visa processing, please request one by completing the form in the link below. It is necessary that you book your stay in the meeting hotel first, and cite the hotel booking reference number in the request. Please allow up to five working days to process your request, and issue the invitation over email. In case the embassy or consulate in your region needs a physical copy, such requests need to be made to Mr. Sunder Singh Poriya again, via email at Under any circumstance, please do not contact ETSI or the meeting chairman for visa letters.

Please follow this link to request Visa Support Letter from COAI for participation at IF3 hosted meetings & events.

Contact Us

For visa and other enquiries, please contact the meeting support through email at

For inquiries on hosting IF3 meetings, please contact the IF3 Coordinator through email at