The COAI team includes dynamic, highly skilled professionals with a must-do attitude and remarkable proficiency in their respective verticals. Lean and yet highly competent, the Secretariat packs a punch in every activity undertaken towards the cause of the industry. Regular coordination with the Government, Regulator, relevant Center and State Government departments, and other stakeholders, have established appreciation and recognition of the Secretariat’s efficiency and professional prowess, both within, and outside the industry.

Keeping in line with the COAI culture throughout the years, the secretariat has been evolving constantly with new verticals emerging in the ever-expanding domain of the telecommunications industry. From technical know-how to communications, R&D and legal and regulatory aspects, the Secretariat has been aligning itself in all the aspects, striving for expertise and excellence in all these fields so as to be prepared to face the challenges and handle the initiatives with acumen and efficiency.

Organisation Structure

Executive Council

Mr. Ajai PuriChairperson

Mr. Pramod K MittalVice Chairperson